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Cloud Computing

The advent of cloud computing services has completely redefined traditional computing models. Today, both corporate and government organizations utilize cloud computing services to address a wide range of infrastructural needs such a comout, data storage and CRM.

Saffron Staffing helps businesses embrace the cloud for better agility at lower costs. Our holistic cloud computing services offer you to choose from variety of cloud computing models and rationalize your IT infrastructure budget. Our resources  are available in real time and on demand. Whether you are looking for database storage, compute power, content delivery, we offer you the best solutions that help you build advanced applications with increased scalability, reliability and flexibility.

Cloud Computing Platforms

Saffron Staffing’s cloud computing services, focus on delivering the services to organizations residing in every corner of the world. Saffron Staffing has a wide range of platforms to work at, the platforms generally include Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services, and Oracle cloud services.

Cloud Computing Services

Join hands with Saffron Staffing and experience a wide range of cloud computing services. Saffron staffing deliver cloud computing services using : –

Private Cloud

The private cloud type of deployment, is dedicated to just a single organization. The cloud infrastructure might be hosted either internally or externally on private or on professional cloud platforms.

Public Cloud

Public cloud functions by making your storage, applications and other resources accessible by the entire world through a single service provider. For functioning through the public cloud, the application developer needs to work on the public cloud platforms like amazon, force.com and windows azure.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a mixture of in-house as well as externally managed service of cloud computing. In hybrid both of these clouds function as different entities that bind together and then function together.

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